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Shyam Corporation Private Limited a company based in the narol area of ahmedabad city since last 30 years and holds a good goodwill. It is into processing of textiles, I.E. Bleaching, dyeing, printing of 100% cotton fabric, rayon, polyester, viscose and blended material.
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  • info@shyamlene.com



  • 10 Ton Steam Boiler X 1 Unit (Cethar Vessel)
  • 3500 U Oil Boiler (Thermax) X 1 Unit
  • Greige (Grey) Checking Machine X 4 Sets
  • Singeing Machine X 1 Unit
  • Desizing Machine X 2 Units
  • Liza Machine X 1 Unit
  • Lafer Liza Machine X 1 Unit
  • Continuous Bleaching Range (Cbr) X 1 Unit
  • Chainless Mercerise X 1 Unit
  • Mercerise X 1 Unit
  • Automatic Fabric Dyeing Jigger X 72 Units
  • Jet Dyeing Machine X 6 Units
  • Drying Range X 4 Units
  • Rotary Printing Machine X 1 Unit
  • Rotary Head Printing Machine X 1 Unit
  • Fladbed Printing Machine X 3 Units
  • Spg Laser Engraving Machine X 1 Unit
  • Print Steamer (Continuous) X 1 Unit
  • Print Steamer Loop X 1 Unit
  • Stenter X 4 Unit
  • Calender X 2 Units
  • Shinner X 1 Unit
  • Corduroy Brushing Machine X 1 Unit
  • Zero – Zero X 3 Units
  • Checking & Folding Machine X 6 Unit
  • Roll Packing Machine X 2 Units

We also have in house laboratory with all equipments where dyeing samples can be obtained before going ahead with the order and along with this, we also have a design studio where our creative team makes new design everyday so that we make you updated with the ongoing trend and with that, your design will be unique in the market giving you the first mover advantage

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